How do I stop Malware?

The first step is to ensure anti-virus is installed on PC’s. The anti-virus must be able to detect malware and it must be able to generate alerts when a virus is detected.

Change you modem’s password

Your modem controls access to the internet for your wireless network and when using a network cable. Not only do want to stop others from accessing your network resources, you want to ensure inappropriate content is downloaded on your account.

How to choose the right Cloud provider?

Many small businesses have multiple Cloud accounts for the same purpose. When these services were initially offered they offered free storage, for example, to get businesses to sign-up. These markets have now matured so it’s time to consolidate and use the service that best suits your needs.

What are managed services?

Tech Savvy can maintain the health of your IT equipment. This may involve Tech Savvy regularly checking your virus definitions are up to date, your servers are running optimally and data is backed up regularly.

Tech Savvy provides Managed Services in some cases for 1 hour per week either remotely or on-site through to advice on how to maximize the clients investment in IT from mobile technology to web design.

Will I lose my data when I upgrade my computer?

No, Tech Savvy will ensure all data is migrated to the new computer and tested by you.

My internet bill is really expensive, how can I be sure I am on the right plan?

Tech Savvy can review the plans available and provide you with the pros and cons of their recommended top 3 plans

How to speed a PC or laptop up

The only way to do it is to buy more RAM. In general, a PC should last for around 7 years and a laptop should have a lifespan of over 4 years. The focus when buying new machines should be functionality and longevity.

Should Windows Automatic Updates be turned on?

Yes, because the Updates protect your machines from vulnerabilities. However they can cause problems.

How to share data in a small business

It’s possible to create a folder everyone can access, there is some complexity around creating usernames and passwords on each machine, however once it’s done it’s easy to use and easy to back-up

Do I need RAID on my server and how would it help?

RAID arrays provide better reliability by arranging hard drives into arrays for redundancy. RAID should also be taken into account when considering your backup strategy, another issue that should also be taken into consideration is the amount of time that will be required to restore your data.

The amount of data and the time to successfully restore it should be the key points when considering your storage requirements.

What Anti-Virus should I use?

You need to ensure you cover Spy ware and Mal ware, we recommend you use a solution from a Vendor that covers all your anti-virus needs. We often see computers with multiple anti-virus solutions running.