Business data needs to be stored, managed and maintained.

The following points should be considered as a minimum:

  • Back-ups – We know if data back-ups aren’t automated, you can’t rely on them working
  • Disaster – What happens if there is a fire or flood?
  • New technology – More businesses are now looking at access their data remotely, on various devices, securely

We recommend the considering the following:

  1. The back-up produces a report detailing what is backed-up
  2. What is the best method of back-up for the business?
  3. What data is being backed-up?
  4. How do you back-up CRM or other databases?
  5. How often should back-ups occur?

Many businesses are now using mobile devices such as iPad’s, how can these devices be used effectively and securely to benefit the business?

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