Cloud IT Services – Email and Collaboration for a more productive business

Cloud IT Services for email and collaboration form a new suite of business productivity tool that all businesses should investigate. Not only will these tools enhance the effectiveness of your business but they can also help to ensure that your business costs are reduced when you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars purchasing expensive servers and IT equipment.

Here are some of the benefits you may see:

Access your email and calendar wherever you are connected to the internet

With a cloud email and calendar solution you can access your calendar wherever you are connected to the internet – whether on a computer, smart phone or tablet device. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You don’t need to be sitting in front of your desktop computer.


Work faster with the right tools

With the right email and collaboration suite you can access your email, you can access your calendar and your co workers calendars (see when they are available, schedule meetings and manage RSVPs’) and you can access all of your documents at your fingertips. This means that no longer will there be numerous versions of the one document going around. All documents are stored in the one spot and when they are updated it is updated for everyone to see.


No fuss collaboration opportunities

Real time collaboration is a valuable resource that must not be overlooked. Two or more workers, in different locations, can work on a document together at the same time. This collaboration opportunity is a great time-saving option for many businesses.


Ease of access to technical support

Many businesses have trouble with IT support when they manage their own infrastructure. If you are managing your own IT then you may have a problem whereby staff are staying back after hours yet the IT support team has gone home. If you can’t get access to your IT Support then you are hamstrung. With Cloud IT Services, you should be able to find access to online support 24/7.


Cloud IT Services are an excellent tool for many businesses and one you should consider further. If you have any questions about how Cloud IT Services can benefit your business, please do not hesitate to give the team at Tech Savvy a call.

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